Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Error In My Longsword Book

I just discovered an error in my longsword book. On page 155, "The Right Abschneiden From Above," in the last paragraph the text says to pull down into a right Unterhengen using a thumb grip. In fact, this should not be a thumb grip and I have never taught it that way; this was probably a matter of getting confused as to which page I was on at the time, and, unfortunately, it slipped through the editing process. I apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.


STAG said...

At least you are honest and man enough to admit an error, albeit a tiny one.

Hugh Knight said...

Thanks, but if you'll read further back in my blog you'll find that I admit to far worse mistakes than this.

I detest people that can't admit when they're wrong; that is the way of ARMA, and I detest that approach. I'd rather admit to being wrong than to continue to be so.