Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Book: "Formal Partner Exercises"

The fifth book in the die Schlachtschule unarmored combat series has just been released on

Formal Partner Exercises presents a series of two-man forms designed to teach students the flow of combat. Each form starts with a basic technique of Johannes Liechtenauer’s system of combat and builds it into a sequence of plays highlighting specific ideas about combat. Using well over 200 photographs, this book teaches the sixteen formal exercises for the longsword and seven formal exercises for the sword and buckler used for training at the journeyman level in die Schlachtschule. These forms were developed from documentable techniques and will help to teach a more authentic understanding of the way in which longsword and sword and buckler techniques could be combined in real combat while providing a format that provides for structured, disciplined training.

It must be understood that this book is intended for advanced students. It contains no instruction regarding individual techniques at all since it assumes that anyone who begins training on these forms will already be capable of performing the basic techniques of Liechtenauer’s system. To help with that, however, each technique in each form gives a page number reference that the reader can use to look up the specific technique being demonstrated in the author’s books The Knightly Art of the Longsword and Medieval Sword & Buckler Combat, both of which are available from as well.

Formal Partner Exercises is available in two formats: A spiral-bound edition which will lie open easily, making it ideal for taking to classes to use as a training tool, and a perfect-bound edition for use as a reference guide.

All of the books mentioned here can be purchased from on the author’s spotlight page: